51 Attack: Buy T-Shirts Using 31 Different Cryptocurrencies (and Counting!)

51 Attack: Buy T-Shirts Using 31 Different Cryptocurrencies (and Counting!)

51 Attack, the first multi-cryptocurrency apparel store, accepts more than 31 different cryptocurrencies on checkout.

“The crypto community, those involved in mining, coding and theorizing on the future have inspired me to build a website that only accepts the fruits of their labor. In addition the t-shirts on this site will be paid for in only crypto as well. I was able to close the crypto loop with the help of Reddit’s helpful community. The crypto community passion, determination and ingenuity are driving a revolution in technology and in the mind.” — Gianni D’Alerta, shop manager and creator

Coins currently accepted:
Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Anoncoin [ANC], BBQCoin [BQC], BottleCaps [CAP], CryptogenicBullion [CGB], ColossusCoin [COL], DigitalCoin [DGC], Dogecoin [DOGE], Devcoin [DVC], Fastcoin [FST], Freicoin [FRC], Franko [FRK], Feathercoin [FTC], Goldcoin [GLD], Infinitecoin [IFC], Krugercoin [KGC], Megacoin [MEC], Netcoin [NET], Namecoin [NMC], Novacoin [NVC], Orbitcoin [ORB], Peercoin [PPC], Quark [QRK], Redcoin [RED], StableCoin [SBC], Sexcoin [SXC], Terracoin [TRC], Worldcoin [WDC], PrimeCoin [XPM], Unobtanium [UNO], Zetacoin [ZET], 42coin [42], Catcoin [CAT], Earthcoin [EAC], Spots [SPT]

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