Bitcoin and alternative Market forecast up to 40 trillion

I have read its possible for the bitcoin and alternative coin market its possible for a 40 trillion total overall market cap in the next 5-15 years

from my research there are clear issues for the strength of bitcoin first, the network effect firstly,early adoption and the reverse for the fiat digital market being bitcoin is deflationary aspects,

I am still very keen on ripple, stratis and bitcoin to change this space, i see lots of hype and noise from many alternative coins

Ripple is more the crypto for banks and remittance companies

Stratis is a plug in and play blockchain with many features side chains
and many features and slowly wins the race and get the coding right

Bitcoin is basically digital gold and the top crypto

P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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I am a Carpenter By Trade and a Ex-Sapper in the Australian Army Reserve, inventor of the Roofing Protractor, Stair Square and Chalkine Protractor, father of 4 children and married, living in Melbourne also as of May 2013, a Crypto-currency trader, Alternative coins Trader, from 2000 to 2002 I day traded trades shares in the Australian Market, combined with my inventor skills, Military training my perspective can be quite different and methods. I am a keen cyclist, bush-walker, play station 1,2,3 games player, past, soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey.

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