Bitcoin is the Closest Thing You Will Ever Know to the Wild Wild West.

Bitcoin is the Closest Thing You Will Ever Know to the Wild Wild West.

I have probably never gotten as many questions or comments from people as I have today, the day that Charlie Shrem (head of, an early and large bitcoin exchange) was indicted for money laundering.

It made international news, and people who know me only as “Mr. Bitcoin” seemed to find it important to share with me these articles.  Most of them simply wanted to know what I thought it meant for btc.  Some wanted to rub it in my face and use it as “proof” that bitcoin will never be taken seriously.  And some just thought it was interesting.  So I decided I’d dedicate an entire post to answer these questions and haters.

And so let me say flat out what it means to bitcoin.  Are you ready?

Not a freaking thing.

You have to understand that bitcoin is here to stay.  It is like all of the land west of the Mississippi in the good ol’ days.  It is INCREDIBLY valuable.  And right now, it is a place of both entrepreneurs, and outlaws.

Just like the Wild, Wild West!

This is what attracts me to bitcoin – the nearly unlimited potential.  It is the same thing that scares many who value popular opinion over the risk of a personal thought.  But do not think, even for a second, that the Wild West will not be one day sprawling with skyscrapers, simply because there are a few cowboys that may or may not be breaking the “law”.  It IS happening, it will CONTINUE to be tamed, and you can either grab your pristine piece of land now, or try to buy in later when property values have grown astronomically.  It’s your choice.

And that is the beauty of it.


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Justin is the founder of Better Off Bitcoin and the owner of video production company Advanced Video Tactics. He is a familiar a face of bitcoin, public speaker, and early investor. When not publicly speaking on the digital currency, he can be found enjoying fine food and worldwide travel adventures with his lovely wife Katie.

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  1. Avai d'Amico

    Well said.

    I was glad to see the price of BTC take a sudden drop after that news broke, because it meant I got to buy a little extra BTC for less than I normally could have. Now the price is back up again so that paid off for me.

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