A Quick Chat With The ฿londe ฿itcoin

A Quick Chat With The ฿londe ฿itcoin

There is a lot of talk about bitcoin these days. If you are reading this than you are either already in the know, or searching for answers to the question of the day: what is bitcoin? Since you may have noticed my moniker is “฿londe ฿itcoin” I completely understand if you are not looking for depth in this post. Instead maybe you are looking for something more along the lines of the photo above? ((I aim to please.))

I am a little blonde / a lotta bitcoin. Let me explain. That photo I just showed you is of myself – eating chocolate cake – made from a recipe that you can buy with bitcoin. And the reason for it all is simple. Bitcoin is something that becomes real to you when it begins to effect your life. For some people, that effect is something grand in scale like from the mind of Andrea Castillo “bitcoin is at once a currency, a platform, a protocol, a network, an ethic”. Awesome. Life changing for so many people who seek financial freedom and safety and security. But sometimes it is hard to think on that level. Sometimes in the midst of our business and dailyness we keep our heads down and wonder what will help us right now. What will make our existence a little brighter, a little better, a little something. Anything. What does bitcoin offer to this person?

Hello! My hand is waving about in the air. Bitcoin offers excitement. Adventure. Sexiness and creativity that you will not find anywhere else. Stop the press. Yes, I am talking about math here. Bitcoin is based on math and while I don’t always like to subscribe to the tyranny of mathematics (just ask my husband) there is rigor that provides freedom. If you submit to this science of structure, order, and relation it will set you free. And so bitcoin is there for the regular folks too. We don’t all have to be freedom fighters and libertarians for social change. We can be housewives with recipes for chocolate cake that will blow your socks off. And because we choose to enter the bitcoin world we join with those who are changing the world and say “Hey Jason King, I’ve got your back!” ((In case you don’t know Jason, he runs the Pensacola Homeless Outreach called Sean’s Outpost and is currently walking across the country to promote awareness. He accepts bitcoin.)) And yeah, I stand with him. In my kitchen. Making chocolate cake – or eating it.

But speaking of eating… yeah I haven’t had much chance to eat cake in a while. See, I am part of the 2014 Bitcoin Weightloss Challenge. This is a 12 weeks challenge which started Monday January 20 and is ending on Monday April 14. During this time we all try our best to lose some excess pounds. The top three contestants losing the highest percentage of their body weight will win a portion of the prize pool and an equal portion of the charity pool will be donated to the winner’s chosen Bitcoin charity in their name. What is my bitcoin charity? The BitGive Foundation, which is a nonprofit charitable organization leveraging the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment world-wide. My little efforts, multiplied by the power of bitcoin equal a much farther and more powerful reach than I could achieve alone. Now that is math. That is bitcoin.

And I guess that is all I have to tell you. Nope. I’m not going to tell you how to mine for bitcoin. Or how to buy it. Or what is going on in the news. I’m not going to tell you that you should buy bitcoin. Or even that you should notice what is going on in the bitcoin community. But I will tell you this. I am a fairly insignificant little blonde housewife in Rochester, Minnesota who is about to change the world. Bitcoin is a game changer. Game on!

฿LONDE ฿ITCOINIf you want to follow my adventures in the bitcoin world you can always find me on twitter @blondebitcoin and if you want to see how I am doing in the Bitcoin Weightloss Challenge you can check that out. ((You can find that chocolate cake recipe  on bitbaste.com, more recipes – and photos – coming soon!))

If you want to start your own bitcoin adventures… where you begin is up to you!

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