Buy a Four Leaf Clover with Bitcoin

Buy a Four Leaf Clover with Bitcoin

Check out, your one source for buying lucky four leaf clovers online! We offer naturally grown 100% authentic white clovers (Trifolium repens). Our four leaf clovers are hand picked from fields of thousands and thousands of three leaf clovers. Our pickers have gotten quite good at finding them, though they are very rare. Rarer yet are our lucky five leaf clovers.

Finding The Clovers

It seems that where you find one four leaf clover you find many. When our pickers find a four leaf clover, the spot is marked and the immediate surrounding area is scoured for more four leaf clovers. The thought is that since the four leaf variety of a clover is a genetic abnormality, that genetic abnormality may be shared with a the clovers in the vacinity.

Press The Clovers

It is important that immediately after being picked the clovers are pressed. Without immediate pressing, four leaf clovers are subject to wilting and folding. This does not make for a great presentation. Our clovers are picked and pressed in as short a time period as possible.

Are There Chemicals

No chemicals are used in our preservation process, however midway through the pressing we do inspect and sometimes mist our drying clovers with water. This helps preserve color and reduce wrinkling.

Press Again

After another check to ensure proper positioning our four leaf clovers are pressed some more.


When our four leaf clovers are completely dry they are laminated to ensure durability. This process allows you to put your lucky four leaf clover in your wallet, or anywhere else you may need some luck, without having to worry about the clover being damaged.


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