Cex.io Now Trades Hashing Futures

Cex.io Now Trades Hashing Futures

Commodity exchange Cex.io is now accepting buys and bids on hashing futures. For those interested in getting into cloud mining for the first time, or users like me looking to expand their cloud mining operation, this is a great way to get hashing power at a deep discount. Right now 0.008 BTC will get you 1 GHS in April, while a mere 0.004 BTC will reserve 1 GHS for you in May.

Future Hashes April (FHA) is a futures contract or pre-order for GHS which will start mining on April 26, 2014 00:00 GMT
This is the future mining power which can be traded on the exchange.
Future Hashes May (FHM) will transform to GHS on May 26, 2014 00:00 GMT and will also start mining for you immediately until sold.
Don’t pass this unique opportunity to buy GHS at the lowest price on the market!

Once you have your GHS, you may either keep it is long as you wish — to have your own adventure in cloud mining — or you may sell it back at the current GHS market value, which is likely to remain significantly higher.

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    Avai d'Amico

    I’d say I’m patient…although it could easily just be my optimism…but I focused on May’s future hashing power. I know the “difficulty” over the past few months has been increasing faster and faster, but I bet that extra discount will outweigh it with no problem.

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