Comfort Architecture – Making Your Home Something More with Bitcoin

Comfort Architecture – Making Your Home Something More with Bitcoin


Randall Comfort has been involved in the design and construction of the built environment for over 35 years.  After graduation with honors from the University of Kansas, he worked for various St. Louis area architectural, development and design-build firms, honing skills and developing expertise not only in the practice of architecture, but also in the areas of programming, project management, firm management, and owner representation.


During this time, Randall did not only the design but also much of the construction work for the extensive renovation of three historic properties as residences for himself and his family.  He can relate to the inconveniences of going through a renovation project.

Founding his namesake firm COMFORT ARCHITECTURE in 1987, Randall has endeavored to produce architecture that is “anything but ordinary”.  Providing architectural services for clients with special interests or wishing to pursue something a little different, COMFORT ARCHITECTURE designs primarily single family residences, residential renovations, and residential additions.


Striving to make client goals & aspirations the main architectural form determinant, Randall’s clients routinely praise him for providing “more than they could ever have imagined”.   Fulfillment and gratification in his work is obtained not only from design and realization of the design through construction, but more importantly, through the process of design… working with the client to identify unique opportunities and arrive at innovative solutions.

Contact information: . 314-721-1020 . 7346 Westmoreland Drive, St. Louis, MO  63130

Author’s note: text of this post taken directly from Comfort Architecture’s website.

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