mecanyonpic Justin Hawley Justin is the founder of Better Off Bitcoin and the owner of video production company Advanced Video Tactics.  He is known for the risky move of posting timely videos of his bitcoin purchases in times of uncertainty.  These videos have consistently proven to be wise, and are publicly dated and offered for free on YouTube.  He is a familiar a face of bitcoin, public speaker, and early investor. When not speaking on the digital currency, he can be found enjoying fine food and worldwide travel adventures with his lovely wife Katie.
Rob Stiles Rob Stiles Rob finds himself in a never-ending string of projects.  If there is a question arises, he cannot rest until an answer is found.  He is an Immunology researcher by day and an amateur radio operator (KD0FTJ), amateur horticulturist, amateur cryptocurrency miner, and amateur…most everything else by night.  His accrual of embarrassing injuries, nearly functional Linux-loaded gadgetry, and minor fires are (almost) tolerated by his wife and relished by his children.
Avai d'Amico Avai d’Amico Avai is a jack-of-all-trades multimedia artist with a passion for storytelling. He’s worked in film, animation, comics, and video games. You can find his work at Avai rides his motorcycle without wearing a safety belt. He also loves the idea of a truly open, digital currency…and what that means for the future.
฿LONDE ฿ITCOIN Elizabeth Goss (฿londe ฿itcoin) is probably best known as the wife of Brian Goss, Senior Fellow at the Bitcoin Education Project. She is however quite fascinating in her own right. Working as a stay-at-home mom to three little girls, Elizabeth sneaks in time promoting bitcoin via twitter and is a fierce competitor in the 2014 Bitcoin Weightloss Challenge. When not busy with childcare or on the treadmill, she writes and creates recipes to sell for bitcoin.
 john-wheaton-1-cropped John Wheaton John has been a newspaper reporter, computer salesman, IT guru and a high school physics teacher. For the last six years, he has taught English as a foreign language at a university in Hunan, China. Besides traveling and taking a lot of photos, John blogs at He jumped into the Bitcoin world just after its price hit $1,000, suggesting that timing is not his strong suit, he says.