Doge 4 NASCAR. Much sponsor. Wow!

Doge 4 NASCAR. Much sponsor. Wow!

Over the last few weeks, Doge 4 NASCAR has been crowd sourcing funds to sponsor a dogecoin Nascar (or “dogecar” if you’re really hip). The dogecar will be piloted by Josh Wise in the upcoming Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway this May 4th.

This dream became a reality after Alex Green, CEO of Moolah, accidentally donated 20 million dogecoin to the cause.

“Was meant to be 2M… silly keyboard. I will stand by my mistake however! Anybody care to match me? The first person to match at least 10% will receive a hot pass to Talladega :-).”
— Alex Green

Green’s typo inspired countless others to make donations of their own, raising over Ð67,500,000 in total (valued over $50,000 at the time). A public vote is being held to finalize the car’s design before it races.

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