Fiat Currency vs crypto-currency and Gold, Oil and Brics


I see a once in 100 year event coming up, the battle of old financial systems vs the new bit-coin and other alternative coins, what will happen? Long Term?, I can not say exactly but for one thing its sure will shake things up! Very interesting times ahead, today I had coffee with a new cycling buddy who has been charting and trading with shares from all around the world for 14 years, and charting very closely, using robot trading platforms, this friend says the market movement is being quite interesting, he sees indicators from a different point of view and i see them also, what are the big players currently doing? also, its trying to read between the lines and predicting the outcome. so key words for searching online are (brics banking), (bitcoin and Oil), (Fiat vs Crypto-currency) the dynamics are new and never seen before.

There are many indicators to look for online, trying to look for the true information, for me if 60% on say a reddit blog have similar comments, that can be a step in the right direction, like with reddcoin in the past on the POSV, those indicators proved good for investing in that alternative coin

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P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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I am a Carpenter By Trade and a Ex-Sapper in the Australian Army Reserve, inventor of the Roofing Protractor, Stair Square and Chalkine Protractor, father of 4 children and married, living in Melbourne also as of May 2013, a Crypto-currency trader, Alternative coins Trader, from 2000 to 2002 I day traded trades shares in the Australian Market, combined with my inventor skills, Military training my perspective can be quite different and methods. I am a keen cyclist, bush-walker, play station 1,2,3 games player, past, soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey.

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  1. Hermon

    Good written text. Thanks for sharing this info. In facts there are many points of view. The price of the petrol and other factors could change the picture at all.

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