Further progressive development of the bitcoin system, new crypto systems for Contracts,Titles,Shares etc

There also is a more like asset class of bitcoin Alternatives, like Counterparty, Maid safe, Bitshares, nushares, supernet, Ethereum and there are more also, looking at the asset class on coinmarketcap.com  that 35 are listed as an asset class,thats quite a lot.

I do like Ethereum and counter party, but please  also note I do hold some of these 2 coins, (the second after market of ether coin that is risky), this is a very interesting front and expansion of the features of bitcoin, date/time stamping using the block-chain technology, a notarized way to prove ownership and trading of shares and titles etc, due to the features of the block-chain.

Imagine the switch from the traditional system to the decentralized way, that is updated very 10 minutes and set in the stone of time the block-chain of bitcoin for example like counter party does.

P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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I am a Carpenter By Trade and a Ex-Sapper in the Australian Army Reserve, inventor of the Roofing Protractor, Stair Square and Chalkine Protractor, father of 4 children and married, living in Melbourne also as of May 2013, a Crypto-currency trader, Alternative coins Trader, from 2000 to 2002 I day traded trades shares in the Australian Market, combined with my inventor skills, Military training my perspective can be quite different and methods. I am a keen cyclist, bush-walker, play station 1,2,3 games player, past, soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey.

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