How to Be a Contributor

Anyone with stories to tell, who is willing to contribute a post a month is welcome to be a Better Off Bitcoin contributor!  Just e-mail

Benefits of being a B.O.B. contributer:

  • Establish yourself as a bitcoin expert.
  • Have fun reviewing products, and sharing experiences.
  • Relevant links to your own businesses and adventures.
  • The knowledge you are contributing to a truly revolutionary idea!

There are two ways to become a B.O.B. contributor:

  1. Be invited.
  2. Submit a post with relevant featured photo and any other photo. If the article is intriguing enough to get published, you will be a new contributor. It’s that simple! 🙂

Every contributor (that is not simply a merchant guest posting) needs to send:

  • An image to use as their avatar.  A head-shot is preferred.  (Merchants simply submitting their business do not need to submit a headshot or bio (below) unless they want to contribute articles as well.  )
  • A short bio, with some funny or interesting anecdotes.  Example: “Justin is a BTC evangelist.  As owner of  full-service video production company Advanced Video Tactics, he was one of the first generation of merchants accepting bitcoin as payment.  When not checking ZeroBlock on his phone, he can be found traveling the world, drinking lots of coffee, and getting away with whatever his beautiful wife Katie will allow him to get away with.

These will be used on our “contributors” page.

Post guidelines:

  • Every post requires one, beautiful, interesting, or intriguing image to be the “featured” image. This is because the entire site is structured around a visual, “pinterest” style and a featured image is essential.
  • Funny, interesting, frustrating, or otherwise intriguing personal stories are the best.
  • Additional pictures are always appreciated.
  • Posts should be kept relatively short, with an emphasis in explaining everything as though you were doing so to a 5th grader.  Please do not create posts that are overly technical, unless you are willing to explain the technical ideas in very simple terms and using good analogies.  Think of the posts as “nuggets” of bitcoin wisdom.  Larger topics should be broken up into multi-part posts, with “part 1, part 2” etc.
  • No foul language, pornography, unapproved or inappropriate links.

Post titles: The headline of a post is incredibly important and is the gateway to people reading your post. For example, “Gyft: A frustrating experience” is more intriguing that just “Gyft experience.” And “How I made 20% on bitcoin in one day” is better than “My bitcoin day trading”.

Any additional questions?  Contact  We look forward to your blog posts!