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Justin is the founder of Better Off Bitcoin and the owner of video production company Advanced Video Tactics. He is a familiar a face of bitcoin, public speaker, and early investor. When not publicly speaking on the digital currency, he can be found enjoying fine food and worldwide travel adventures with his lovely wife Katie.

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  1. Chris Haan

    Great discussion! I currently trade on Crptsy.com. There one can have their fill with all the Alt Coins. Each coin is a good test
    for slightly different protocols. It is like one vast real world mad scientist experiment. The best ideas will merge to create a multi facted coin.

    1. Post author
      Justin Hawley

      I have heard a little of Cryptsy. Have you had an experience with btc-e as well? We have a gentleman in our btc group that has, and from what I remember it does a similar thing. I wonder what the strengths and weaknesses of each one are?!? Sounds like we need to get a review going to compare the two! 🙂 Thanks for the note, Chris! (BTW, I look forward to paying you in btc for a luxury sedan ride this weekend!)

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