Market Cap and price per coin of Alternative Crypto-currency finding the value

TulipsThe difference in the market cap of different crypto-currency and price per coin can vary a lot from 1/100 or less of a cent to bit-coins value $600- currently to even higher cost per coin like 42 coin which is almost $5,000- per each coin.

In the past I used qubit-coin to trade against(trading those profits back to a different coin from bit-coin, then using that coin to sell and buy a coin that shows to be low in price), due to it being close to the full mint of coins, and quite stable,something I have noticed is the value of trying to build up a coin portfolio of 30 or more coins, because they are unpredictable and with a good spread of coins, some also go up, on the down side you can get stuck with coins that go low in price, the choice is either to hold them or take a loss,

The market cap is currently a bit low on cubit-coin for my liking, if a coin you hold moves up one decimal place that can have a huge up-word effect on the value of the coins you hold, I found comments on a blog from someone who purchased for $200- in I think 2010,  20,000- bitcoin this person has them in a time-lock system, so they cannot sell them for 10 years, so the final outcome for them could be very interesting.

Some coins have built in interest features for coin holders and other don’t, or the coins are made in a very short time, like 6 months or less, maybe a better way to explain it’s like fruit in a fruit shop, there are so many types that offer different benefits.

I have experienced, lets call it (compound of value trading), most of the coins I am going to sell are going up and the coins i want to buy a going down, so a sell and buy fast, must admit I have been very lucky and picked it well, 3 times in a row I cashed out of bitcoin 2-3 hours before falls in bitcoin of $100-, that requires a lot of effort and luck watching the market

Its a see/saw with respect to market exposure and uptake of these new alt coins, bit-coin has such a high value and interest due to being the number one coin currently and most known and respected, marketing and social media can change this, but if say nxt coin had the current market cap of bitcoin its price would be $8-10 due to the 1 billion coins made.

Predictions online are for the 400 billion market cap for bit coin, but it could go higher, now if (internet money) takes off as my tradesman friends call it, will it create a imbalance of global debit? tied to fiat currency, a game changer, no more bank bail outs, because we become our own banks as said by others.

bitcoin is the dominant coin to sell into and out of other alt coins, litecoin also plays a big role in trading alternative coins, once more coins can be converted directly from USD,AUD,EURO’s and more, that will also change the market, I can see number 2 spot is up for grabs by say 50 different coins that have a good chance to knock off litecoin, others on blogs say its NXT coin that will do this soon, I think Reddcoin personaly, but I could be wrong, (I have major holdings in Reddcoin) so that’s self interest here declared and I hold NXT coins also.

There is a direct reflection between the market cap of a coin, how many coins made and the coin price and of course trading volumes,buy orders and sell orders,one thing I have learnt from day trading shares its also mindset, if people in the trading think price’s need to go up they will, there is the human factor

P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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    Derek Pater

    I have noticed on one exchange direct USD purchasing for these coins bitcoin,litecoin,darkcoin,feathercoin and another one, so the change is beginning and 20-50 coins could be directly purchased with USD, EURO and other fiat soon

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