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Justin is the founder of Better Off Bitcoin and the owner of video production company Advanced Video Tactics. He is a familiar a face of bitcoin, public speaker, and early investor. When not publicly speaking on the digital currency, he can be found enjoying fine food and worldwide travel adventures with his lovely wife Katie.

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  1. Kevin

    Good stuff and thanks for the shout out. Unfortunately for me, I got in with the little I had to invest around $570 last Friday so I was not able to take advantage of the dip down to $400. I tried to be patient and wait for the bottom but I was excited to be purchasing my first Bitcoins. I am very pleased to hear that others like your self were able to make a nice percentage already. What a ride its been the last few days.

    1. Post author
      Justin Hawley

      What a ride indeed! I am such a firm believer that I personally believe $570 is a steal long term. Thanks for riding this incredible revolution in world finance with the us, Kevin!

  2. John Wheaton

    My trade today only a gain of 10%, because prices peaked around $600 while I was at work. By the time I got back home, the exchange rate had fallen to $577. Even so, that’s really good, considering Bitcoin is supposed to be dead.

    1. Post author
      Justin Hawley

      John – Wow! The fact that you can make 10% in a day, on a currency the world said was dead, speaks volumes to the strength of bitcoin. Glad to hear you are making money! 🙂

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