Ripple XRP and the banks

There has been a big shake up in the last 2 months with alternative cryptos coins, i have shifted my focus to Ripple due to two people i highly regard in the crypto industry telling me to buy ripple for the longer term 5-10 years.

also 42 banks signed up for the Asian arm of ripple in 2016 and the bit-license for new York has been approved Also, search on you tube these

keywords, (ripple Germany, Canada), and watch the video for the transfer of $1,000- Canadian to Germany at a cost of only 1 euro and settlement in only 8 seconds 🙂

Ripples focus market is currently the banking industry of the world for boarder-less fast almost instant payments at a very low cost,

shifting value around the world currently costs 2 trillion per year, ripple is said to reduce costs by 60% and more in the future

over the last week bitcoin= BTC has seen a huge rise in price and slight pullback due to profit taking I believe, currently the overall crypto market is close to the all time high of December 2013.

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P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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