Spend bitcoins on priceless memories near Dublin!


Most people realise they would love to have their family photo with kids still being small playful and cute when the kids are already teenagers or adults. Don’t be one of them! There is never too early to have professional photo of your loved ones taken. You will thank yourself in couple of years when you look at the picture and it will bring you memories of your kid making first steps, spilling the soup on the table or winning their first game. If you live in or near Dublin Ireland you can get those priceless memories with bitcoins and even save 10%  just for using the most advanced payment  method available today :-) more info at www.michal-photo.com

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Michal has spent most of his adult life playing with the light as a software developer, network engineer, designer and also as a photographer. www.michal-photo.com He loves cars , especially old off-roads and driving them where only few dare to. www.budapestbamako2013.org He believes in sharing the knowledge, open source and the Bitcoin.

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