The crypto-currency transfer to mainstream is close


By watching bit-coin and other alternative coins everyday online, I have seen the progression forward on many fronts, the expansion of Bit-coin ATM’s worldwide, there is a website that shows a global position of the new ATM’s, I choose the coffee for the photo for this post because I have seen a tie in with coffee shops and bit-coin ATM’s are a big factor, consider buying your coffee on the way to work and the smart strategy of paying at the coffee shop in bit-coin and having an ATM on site.

New Companies who now offer bit-coin as a payment system are growing worldwide everyday, the tipping point to mainstream could come to many by Xmas 2014, people are becoming more aware of bit-coin now.

I can see the progression forward for bit-coin and other alternative coins due to the features, costs are way less than other services and new systems in place to protect buyers online also that use crypto-currency to buy products and services online, the price-point of the services provided is unbeatable and that will be the catalyst forward with companies offering discounts to people who pay with crypto-currency, also off shore share trading using bit-coin as a payment system and the tax benefits, plus other systems I have either not heard of or understand yet, people are smart and developing constantly new systems and methods for use of crypto-currency.

Bitcoin is the GOLD and other coins are the (silver and bronze= tipping), tipping is the way forward with social media and tipping coins like dogecoin, reddcoin, fedoracoin,mintcoin,karmacoin and others, its sure getting interesting and makes me wonder just how powerful using all the social media systems as the medium for mainstream.

exchanges are starting to trade directly from fiat for other alternative coins like litecoin,reddcoin,feathercoin,darkcoin,dogecoin,nextcoin and more, the changing dynamics are the future.

The issue of centralized vs decentralized payment systems is a good one, a friend works for a major well known fast food company, their servers went down one day and the loss of income and management of payments was a nightmare, this can be overcome using bit-coin and your smartphone to buy pass these issues, the more people use bit-coin, the more stable to value becomes.

The key is watching blogs to keep up with the changes in development in the crypto-currency

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P.S (These are my own personal experiences and I am self taught)

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